For spit-roast enthusiasts.
For over 45 years, TIFFON has carefully selected extraordinary materials making our equipment extremely reliable with unrivalled longevity.
All our gas models include thermocouple safety devices.


- ceramic gas-burners or shielded elements.
- separate gas-burner and motor for each spit.
- slide-mounted, multi-position spits.
- removable rear reflectors.
- drip tray with drainage tap.
- safety glass.
- halogen light.
- high efficiency gas-burner in extra large spit range.

Gas or electric

3 models : FLORIDE - Grandes Broches and SOLARA.
3 lengths : 1025mm (2 and 4 spits),1145mm (6 and 8 spits). 1400mm (extra large spits).
FLORIDE range : stainless steel – SOLARA range : enamel in a range of colours.


- Base stand with castors.

- Storage unit.

- Prooving  unit.

- “Rotisserie” emblem

- Between tray

- English spit

- American spit

- Grid spit

- Special vertical cooking system.


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