The new range of refrigerated mincer TIFFON, it is to be sure to propose to your customers a hacked meat as fresh as when it has been output the closer store.
TIFFON fresh secret? Blown cold system exclusive from TIFFON. A cold every time ventilated into the circuit of chopping, from the meat receipt to the « shrinker ».
The assembly motors with gearbox and the mincers bodies are also refrigerated. TIFFON mincers have an air filter avoiding the obstruction of the condensing system. It allows your steaks keep juicy and softly.
All the TIFFON mincers are made with stainless steel bodies, propellers and nuts, with a double cut system LICO and streamline with stainless steel. Doors are manufacture with unbreakable « lexan ».


Rapidly you could install the NEVETIFF on your shop. Perfect partnership when preparing single steaks, mincing, weigh and pack your steaks in any weight you require from 80 to 160g.
THE NEVETIFF is easy to dismantle and clean. External temperature display.
Finishing: red and stainless steel.


Perfect partnership for an important output: it is able to mince, weigh, mould ans wrap automatically your steaks with the good weight of 80 until 160 grams, up to 550-600 steaks by hour. Its 82 mm chopper( is able to realize fast mincing which gets back in an ergonomically designed outmet tray.
THE MASTERTIFF has a double compartment the separation of which allows to chop two meats of different nature.
THE MASTERTIFF is equipped with a steaks meter by impulsion and with a foot control.


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