A totally see-through, pulse heat electric oven; the GYROFOUR produces a large range of pastries, bakery and catering items in full view of the public. The GYROFOUR's rotating trays, powerful quartz lighting and double glazing unit encourages the viewer to impulse buying. It is easily maintained due to its 4 opening doors. An exclusive hot air recycling system without the need for an extraction hood means that the oven can be installed without hazard and with no risk of heat escaping when the doors are opened. A fully electronic panel allows the GYROFOUR to be used as either a bake-off oven or as a warm holding display unit. All models in the GYROFOUR range are compact in size and are available in countertop or mobile versions with or without steam injection.

GYROFOUR 1000 et 1000 SE

5-rack oven for trays or grids 300x400mm. The baking capacity is 50 items every 15 minutes (200 items per hour).
Counter top model or model on proving unit.

GYROFOUR 2000 ET 2000 SE

6-rack oven for trays or grids 400x600mm. The baking capacity is 120 items every 15 minutes (480 items per hour).

Counter top model or model on proving unit.


2 independent 6 racks ovens mounted together for trays or grids 600x400mm. The baking capacity is 240 items every 15 minutes (960 items per hour).

– Quartz lighting
– Double glasses
– Eletronic panel
– Shielded elements
– Stainless steel finish or lower head band in color

– Storage unit
– Stainless steel decoration (Ball and Rim)
– Steam injection
– Chromed grids
– Aluminium flat trays
– Anti-sticking circular carpet for back of oven
– Anti-sticking sheet
– Gloves


Additional informations

All our components can be configured according to the options of a device, a program, a program, a dressing and a decoration in stainless steel.

Around the GYROFOUR of your choice, composer let us the concept adapted to your activity (hot spot, cafeteria, snack, convenience store ...) from the following elements:
Neutral furniture oven rack - Neutral, hot or cold showcase - Refrigerated work table, ...